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Recent Trends in Publications of US and European Directors for Vascular Surgery Training
Afsha Aurshina, MBBS, Amrit Hingorani, Ahmad Alsheekh, MD, Anil Hingorani, MD, Natalie Marks, MD, Sheila Blumberg, MD, Enrico Ascher, MD.
Total Vascular Care, Brooklyn, NY, USA.

We noted large differences between academic productivity of training programs in the United States (US) and Europe. In an effort to explore this variability, we reviewed the number of vascular publications listed in PubMed from 2010 to 2015 for US and European program directors in vascular surgery.
The list of program directors from the Association of Program directors in Vascular Surgery (APDVS) and the European Union of Medical Specialists (EUMS) were queried for names of the directors of vascular surgical training programs at the end of 2015. PubMed listed 5474 citations published from 2010 - 2015. 3561 were from Europe while 1912 were from US. UK and German programs did not list their directors' names in the EUMS website and were excluded.
The average number of citations in PubMed per program director was 2.36 per year. In Europe, each of the 273 program directors averaged 2.17 publications per year while each of the 114 US program directors averaged 2.80 publications per year (P=.37). Journal of Vascular Surgery publications contributed to 24.0% (12.7% in Europe and 45.0% in the US). In the US, the top third institutions produced 69% of the publications and 77% of the JVS publications while in Europe, the top third produced 87% of the publications and 98% of the JVS publications. In the US, 5 programs (4.4%) had no publications and 21 (18.4%) had no JVS publications. In Europe, 82 programs (30.0%) had no publications while 180 (65.9%) had no JVS publications. As shown in Table I, abstracts were categorized by topic for comparison.
In both Europe and US, the top third produced more than two-thirds of the publications, with the disparity being even more pronounced in Europe where the top third produced almost 90% of total publications. Comparing the topics of publications from Europe and US, it was observed that US program directors published a great deal more on Endo Lower Extremity, Open Lower Extremity, Education, TEVAR, Open Carotid, and Endo Venous while their European counterparts published more in the areas of Vascular Medicine, Replies, and Not-Vascular related topics.

Table I. Comparison between Europe and US based on the category of the abstract.
Category (%)EuropeanUS
Endo AAA a13.116.6
Open AAA a1.54.2
Endo LE b3.88.9
Open LE b1.54.2
Basic Science6.06.8
Vascular Medicine30.916.4
Endo UE c0.10.2
Open UE c0.00.4
Endo Carotid6.74.4
Open Carotid0.13.0
Endo Venous1.54.4
Open Venous0.30.8
Not Vascular10.62.1
Case Report11.28.3
AV Access1.83.0
a Abdominal aortic aneurysm b Lower Extremity c Upper Extremity
Bold text indicates (p<0.05)

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